FRE's 2018 Spring Meeting convened sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice (SRHRJ) funders representing 20 foundations. Guided by expert facilitator Pamela Chiang, FRE members:

  • Generated an analysis of the current SRHRJ context that described the field's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Described their grantmaking goals and strategies and, together with their colleagues, created a "map" of the funding by those in the room.
  • Identified their own focus topics of interest and self-organized discussions around them, identifying next steps and needed actions.
  • Provided individualized advice to one another, as a community of funders that share many of the same grantees, goals and strategies.
  • Celebrated the careers of two legendary SRHRJ grantmakers: Margaret Hempel and Wilma MontaƱez, longtime members of FRE.

In developing this meeting, FRE aimed for participants to obtain a better understanding of the SRHRJ-funding foundation ecosystem, deepen appreciation for one another and our network and identify concrete next steps they might pursue with one another to advance a common agenda.

The meeting report describes how the 2018 Spring Meeting accomplished those objectives and outlines the action points identified by meeting participants as necessary to make the most of philanthropic resources in this challenging time.

An interactive Prezi of the grantmaking priorities and strategies shared by meeting participants during the meeting is also available to FRE members.

The meeting report and Prezi are available exclusively to FRE members and require logging in to the members section of this site. If you are a member of our network and need help logging in, please email the office.