Iris Brawley (she/they) has a nimble approach to organizing professional systems and a creative knack for problem-solving. She brings extensive administrative experience, having supported executives, staff teams, and boards in both U.S. and international contexts. Before joining the FRE team, Iris honed her skills across a diverse range of organizations in the non-profit and private sectors, including an international membership-serving health research society. Most recently, she worked at UltraViolet, virtually managing internal and external meetings, logistics, and planning for a team of nonprofit executives. Her professional background is complemented by a BA in Art History from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Iris has a people-first approach that proves invaluable when balancing complex virtual and onsite administrative support. She lives in Dallas, Texas, and in her free time enjoys trying local coffee shops, adding to her plant collection, reading, and learning creative processes. Although Iris doesn’t currently have any pets of her own, she enjoys fostering animals from her local shelter from time to time.