2019 Annual Meeting

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FRE’s 2019 Annual Meeting comes at a time of environmental, political and social churning. Great change is on the horizon, with a pivotal election in the United States among the events due in 2020. Social justice advocates, including leaders in reproductive health, rights and justice, are poised to lead the way to a more equitable future. How can philanthropy best meet the needs of this moment?

Grantmakers are invited to join FRE November 20-22 for conversations, analysis and community while centering reproductive health, rights and justice when considering our current and future context. Together, funders will benefit from expert perspectives; learn about urgent work and strategies in this field; gain knowledge of their colleagues’ funding strategies and priorities, and share their own; and deepen their own capacity to wield power for positive impact. 

Funders for Reproductive Equity is a community of grant makers that address issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice in the United States and around the world. Our funder members aim to ensure that all people have the rights and resources to make and act on decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. FRE’s Annual Meeting is the largest annual gathering of reproductive health, rights and justice grant makers in the United States and the only dedicated space in philanthropy with this focus. In 2018, FRE developed a Big Audacious Goal to serve as the North Star for our work for the next 10 years: 

Lead philanthropy and transform philanthropic culture to optimize resources for all people’s freedom over their sexual and reproductive lives.

2019 Annual Meeting Planning Crew

Elise Belusa
Tara Health Foundation

Leticia Corona
Hewlett Foundation

Chika Ekemezie
Wallace Global Fund

Sarah Kelley
New Morning Foundation

Alicia Harris
Grove Foundation

Joy Messinger
Third Wave Fund

Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray
Funders for Reproductive Equity

Narada Lee
Funders for Reproductive Equity

Crystal Plati
Funders for Reproductive Equity